Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)


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Release Date: March 5, 2015 | Dimensions: 10.5″ W x 18″ H x 1.75″ D | Product Type: Handmade, machine sewn and knitted rag doll | Material(s): cloth, gold obsidian, coconut shell, grosgrain ribbon, gilded jewelry | Item Model Number: TRHD001 | Recommended Age: 6 Years and Older | Origin: Made in the USA | Weight: 1.75 lbs | Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S. | International Shipping: Item can be shipped outside the U.S., quote may be adjusted based on package weight (email notice provided in these cases) | Delivery Method: USPS Flat Rate Shipping (domestic), USPS First-Class Package International Service (outside the U.S.)

About the Product

This 18-inch tall, expertly hand-stitched and machine-sewn rag doll features eclectic, autumn-inspired materials. No two rag dolls will be exactly alike. Modeled after the lead explorer Raisa (a.k.a. “Tabby”) in our book series. Her body is based on a keyhole form, fabricated from brown 100% cotton twill. Her eyes are semi-precious gold obsidian stones. Her mouth is a single line of black thread. The bun of her hair is two-tone grosgrain ribbon (milk chocolate and coffee) known for its quality and durability. The ends of her hair are adorned with gold Indian gypsy bells with clappers. They jingle pleasantly when the doll is shook. Around her neck is a gilded gold alloy fox head and tail pendant on a brown, waxen, bamboo cord in honor of her dear companion, Hendrix. If any part of “Tabby” becomes damaged over the years, then simply email to make arrangements to ship the doll to us for repairs. We generally keep a batch of these dolls ready to ship.

BONUS: First Outfit (from Destination Dhaka)

Tabby’s first outfit is worn on her excursion to Dhaka, Bangladesh. It includes a signature orange bow for her hair that’s pinwheel-tied in satin ribbon. Her dress is a 100% cotton, super soft, quality fabric in patterned green (exact dress material is subject to availability). The dress is removable, fastened down the back with five square, coconut shell buttons.

Artisan Background

This product is handmade in the USA by Laurianda Jenkins, an African-American fashion designer in the Church Hill district of Richmond, VA. She is responsible for producing the base doll as well as the individual outfits for each destination in the global tour. Our rag dolls are produced traditionally, handmade and stuffed with spare scraps of material. They are one of the most ancient children’s toys in existence. They have been by far the most popular handmade doll throughout United States history, especially during Colonial America dating as far back as 1630 and again during the Civil War in the 1860s. They have been featured in a number of children’s stories, including the 19th century character “Golliwogg” and 20th century character “Raggedy Ann” (1918). Sally from the Tim Burton film The Nightmare Before Christmas is also a rag doll. “Tabby Richmond” is a Tabula Raisa™ exclusive, modeled after the lead explorer Raisa (a.k.a. “Tabby”) in our book series.

Care and Cleaning

Dab and wipe clean with a moist cloth, with or without using hand soap. Rinse with cold water, using gentle or no scrubbing. Do not use brushes or any other abrasive surface to clean as this will fray the cotton, twill, and other natural materials. Do not run through a washing machine cycle as the eyes, buttons, and necklace can get snagged in the spin. Do not place in a drying machine cycle or blow dry. Open air drying only. Cotton and twill are especially susceptible to shrinkage or other damage.

Refund/Exchange Policy

Due to the material used in manufacturing and related sanitary concerns, this is not a physical product that can be returned.

Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)Tabby Richmond (18″ rag doll)