Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)


Adopt a fun, wearable trio of storytelling friends! Handmade in Juliaca, Peru.


Release Date: March 20, 2016 | Dimensions: varying, largest is 4″ W x 3″H x 1.5” D | Product Type: Handmade, crocheted finger puppets | Material(s): organic cotton yarn, natural dyes | Item Model Number: TRHD002A | Recommended Age: 3 Years and Older (with supervision) | Origin: Made in Peru | Weight: 0.5 lbs | Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S. | International Shipping: Item can be shipped outside the U.S., quote may be adjusted based on package weight (email notice provided in these cases) | Delivery Method: USPS Flat Rate Shipping (domestic), USPS First-Class Package International Service (outside the U.S.)

About the Product

Our finger puppets feature 100% organic cotton that’s harvested responsibly and dyed naturally. They are expertly crocheted and exported fair trade. No two finger puppets will be exactly alike. Modeled after the explorers from Tabula Raisa™ (Raisa, Ogul, Hendrix). These are a great imagination aid that ensure hours of storytelling fun. Children learn to create their own stories or act out ones from The Legend of Tabula Raisa (also available in various formats in this Shop). We generally will keep a batch of these puppet sets ready to ship.

Artisan Background

This product is handmade by female artisans in Peru, South America. Times are hard in towns like Juliaca near Lake Titicaca, on the frigid Andean plateau 12,500 feet above sea level. Yet, mothers continue to make whimsical animal toys like this for their children and for export around the world. Puppet knitting has been popular in this region for many generations. Your purchase helps these remarkable women to earn a livelihood. The designs are a Tabula Raisa™ exclusive, modeled after the trio of explorers in our book series.

Care and Cleaning:

Dab and wipe clean with a moist cloth, with or without using hand soap. Rinse with cold water, using gentle or no scrubbing. Do not use brushes or any other abrasive surface to clean as this will fray the yarn. You can also place the product in a cold water washing machine cycle. Do not wash in warm water. Do not place in a drying machine cycle or blow dry. Open air drying only. Crocheted goods are otherwise susceptible to shrinkage or other damage.

Refund/Exchange Policy

Due to the material used in manufacturing and related sanitary concerns, this is not a physical product that can be returned.

Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)Finger Puppet Set (3 pcs)