Destination Dhaka Miniature Carpet (WC001)


Enjoy a miniaturized handmade carpet. Every color of the rainbow is represented. Great as a mug rug!

As featured in our Destination Dhaka book!

Release Date: March 20, 2016 | Dimensions: 5.25″ W x 7.5″ H x 0.25″ D each | Product Type: Handmade, woven craft | Material(s): organic cotton | Item Model Number: TRWC001 | Recommended Age: 3 Years and Older (with supervision) | Origin: Made in the USA | Weight: 0.25 lbs lbs | Domestic Shipping: Item can be shipped within U.S. | International Shipping: Item can be shipped outside the U.S., quote may be adjusted based on package weight (email notice provided in these cases) | Delivery Method: USPS Flat Rate Shipping (domestic), USPS First-Class Package International Service (outside the U.S.)

About the Product

Woven carpets have been fashioned by Bangladeshi artisans for centuries, as a symbolic decoration or to enrich a ceremony. The item here is woven in the style of Asian carpets, fabricated by an American artisan who’s not unlike Dipu, whom Raisa and companions meet in Destination Dhaka. With your purchase here, you support an ancient artform and those who practice it. Just like Raisa receives a woven carpet at the end of the excursion book, so too can the special child in your life!

Artisan Background

Woven carpets are generally made from cotton thread or cloth strips. They come in a number of sizes, colors, and patterns. They utilize simple tools. They are finished through tying off the thread or fabric. These woven carpets are great as “mug rugs” under your favorite beverage. Commissioned or purchased fair trade. Resold responsibly.

Care and Cleaning:

This product is machine washable. Do not dry by machine.

Refund/Exchange Policy

This is a one of a kind, handmade item. No two will be exactly alike. We consider this a final sale, and you trust and accept the craftsmanship “as is.”

Destination Dhaka Miniature Carpet (WC001)Destination Dhaka Miniature Carpet (WC001)