On each Tabula Raisa™ excursion, you’re taken on a journey of learning for a conversation between the explorers (Raisa, Hendrix, Ogul) and an ambassador-artisan. They investigate colorful craft traditions that have survived centuries — perhaps even millennia! 51 destinations and craft traditions in all. You learn to see the world through the hands of its diverse people.

At the website, we kick things up a notch. You’re encouraged to roll up your sleeves and embark on your own journeys! You’re just like Raisa now — curious about the world around you. Unlike our lead explorer, you won’t need a magic tablet to fly to faraway places. You can activate the same sense of adventure in your home, yard, neighborhood, or school grounds (adult permission required, of course) with a membership in Cool with Ogul™. Just 95 cents per month!

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Paper Dolls

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Learning Objectives

Expand Horizons
Pique Curiosity
Spark Creativity
Boost Confidence

In order for the currently hidden project pages to be displayed at this website (locations: Projects >> Field Exercises, Projects >> Paper Dolls, and Projects >> Coloring Pages), you’ll need to register for a membership in Cool with Ogul™ and login from the far right of the main navigation menu.



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