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“Decades of research show that what children learn between birth and 5 years old makes a major difference in their ability to perform well academically later in life.”
— LA Times (May 2015)

“Recent research has dramatically expanded our understanding of early childhood development and much of this new knowledge was sorely missing when the current education model of most countries was designed in the 19th century.”
— Unicef (May 2015)

“In 2014, printed kids’ books had their best 
year ever, with 226 million units sold —
 compared to 139 million a decade ago. Figures show that print books were up 2.4%,
 their best sales since eBooks exploded in 2010.
— Nielsen BookScan (May 2015)

“British publishers’ sales of children’s and 
young adult books rose 11% to £349m in 2014, 
the best performance since 2007, when Harry 
Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released. Children’s literature is the most successful outpost 
of the British publishing industry, bucking the 
trend of declining sales and falling print runs.”
— Financial Times (May 2015)

“There is a false assumption that by age 5, children leave early childhood behind. That leads educators to make misguided attempts to make kindergarten and early grade classrooms resemble those for older students. Research on children’s development across the ages of 5 through 8 show that the days of guided play, exploration, read-alouds, and socialization activities should not cease. Kids need to be able to learn in small groups and through hands-on participation.”
— Ed Central (April 2015 study)

“Children’s language skills by age 2 are predictive of their pre-literacy skills at age 5, and low-income students start school up to 14 months behind their more affluent peers. Children who attend high-quality preschool programs are less likely to need special education services, be retained in their grades or drop out of high school.”
— U.S. Department of Education (May 2015)

“For every dollar we put into high-quality 
early childhood education, we get $7 back. 
Society as a whole does better.”
— President Obama (February 2015)

“Education is absolutely key, and you have to start early. The years birth to 5 are critical.”
— Presidential Candidate (D) Hillary Clinton (May 2015)

“It’s easy to forget that the young child’s brain becomes
 organized through hands-on exploration — creating the capacity to acquire complex skills and knowledge.”
— Grand Forks Herald (April 2015)

“Children learn many things through play. When two
 four-year-olds work together on a project, they
 are learning different perspectives about how to
 organize things, planting the seeds for critical
 thinking. The learning that happens through play
 cannot be replaced by any other learning.
 It is self-directed, creative, and authentic.
— (May 2015)

“Young children from economically disadvantaged,
 vulnerable communities do not begin their education
 from a common starting point with their peers. They 
begin from makeshift starting lines, drawn miles and
 miles behind the more fortunate, the stretch of their 
race plagued by obstacles and debris they must
 overcome, with little to no tools to do so.”
— Santa Monica Daily Press (May 2015)

“The number of school-aged children living in poverty
 has increased 40 percent since 2000. As of 2014, 1 in 5 
school-aged children in the United States are living in 
poverty, according to the NCES’s report. In 2000, 1 in 7
 children were living in poverty.”

— Deseret News (June 2015)
 based on a National Center for Education Statistics study



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