Storytelling is the natural third level for the increasingly curious and creative child who has progressed from reading into exploring. Children want to understand how things come together. They want to tell their own stories. We provide the tools necessary to establish a voice then create and act out narratives.

“Tabby Richmond” is the most substantial in our family of handmade dolls at 18 inches tall (see image spread above). She’s a traditional rag doll who’s constructed entirely by hand in the USA (Richmond, Virginia). If your child fell in love with Raisa in our children’s book The Legend of Tabula Rais™ and/or our Excursions, then perhaps owning a real-life version of the wondergirl is the perfect next step. There’s no better companion for bed time, road trips, or field exercises! “Tabby Richmond” even fits in the satchel that comes with our Explorer Kit.

Finger Puppets come in a complete set of explorers, which includes “Tabby Juliaca,” named after the village in Peru where these articles are hand-knitted by female artisans. All three puppets fit both adult and juvenile fingers at 3 to 4 inches tall. When your child wants to stage scenes from The Legend of Tabula Raisa™, or create his/her own take with new scenes — these dolls are the perfect tool! Like the “Tabby Richmond” rag doll, these also fit in the satchel that comes with our Explorer Kit.

Word of Raisa’s recent excursion to Ghana in the western region of Africa seems to have traveled quickly across the continent to its southernmost ports. In South Africa, a series of handmade cloth and beaded dolls produced by the southern Ndebele (pronounced Un-DAY-bell-eh) people bear a striking resemblance to our lovable Hispanic wondergirl. In their tradition, the dolls honor a great communicator with sound judgment. Sound familiar? “Tabby Pretoria,” named after one of the South African cities where these dolls make their way to market, is an adorable tribute. Like the “Tabby Richmond” rag doll and “Tabby Juliaca” finger puppet, this line of dolls also fits in the satchel that comes with our Explorer Kit. We’ll pay attention for other lookalikes as her excursions around the globe continue.

Paper Dolls are available through Membership in Cool with Ogul™. Just 95 cents per month to join! Download, print, color, cut, add to a stick, and away you go! These are offered according to each destination. For example, Destination Kumasi includes Raisa, Ogul, Hendrix, and Kofi (the African artisan they visit). Raisa sports a new outfit that’s suitable attire for each excursion. Like the above dolls, these are also great for storytelling!

Coloring Pages encourage both adult and child to engage in a simpler creative pleasure, side-by-side, without the need for stories to be told or scenes to be staged. Selected scenes from Tabula Raisa books are provided with Membership in Cool with Ogul™. Download, print, and color away!

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