The Legend of Tabula Raisa™ is an artful children’s book (digital or paperback) that introduces the trio of explorers central to our excursion-based early learning suite (Raisa, Hendrix, Ogul). Fun rhymes and vibrant colors engage children. The lovable Spanish wondergirl Raisa is a new friend for fans of Dora the Explorer, Doc McStuffins, and others. Readers discover how she meets her beloved companion, Hendrix the red fox. They watch as she frees Ogul the Turkish genie from another dimension — and receives a handsome reward!
Excursions take children from loving the explorers that they’ve just met in the legend to embarking on a international tour of learning. Excursions leave for each corner of the globe (at least one per each of seven continents and 51 destinations in all). Unlike other systems, you can select destinations a la carte. No subscription is required. Printed folios will package selected excursions on ebook with other goodies. Raisa’s favorite traveling music awaits on disc: Believe It (a Song for Raisa), by San Francisco recording artist Jefferson Jay. Children can customize their printed folio with their information and mark off destinations that they’ve visited. Each folio purchase also comes with our Map of the World (36″ x 24″) for their wall. Stickers allow readers to mark the Tabula Raisa™ destinations that they’ve visited. The finishing touch? Shop Global Crafts from the seven corners of the world, including authentic handmade gifts that match those introduced to Raisa and friends in the excursions. For example, read about the paper lantern tradition in Destination Shanghai then order a pair of lover’s balloons (a.k.a. sky lanterns) that you can launch from a nearby park. Read about the tradition of musical shakers in Destination Rio de Janeiro then order a rattle that orginates from the Tupi Indians of the Amazon jungle.

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