Excursions take children on brief journeys to different international destinations. They’re offered a Map of the World to plot where they’ve been and Global Crafts by which to remember and enliven each visit. For those children whose curiosity has been awakened and whose imagination is now hungry, they’ll want to learn more about the new world they’re discovering through Tabula Raisa.

Free Website Resources are linked from the opening pages of The Legend of Tabula Raisa™ and each Excursion. The How It Works Tab at this website delivers extended content like character back stories, destination fact sheets, plus photo and video galleries for the craft traditions. Under the About Us Tab, you’ll also find three pages nested with additional educational material: Why Craftsmanship Matters, Art vs. Craft, and Related News.

Membership in Cool with Ogul™ reveals hidden content at this website (location: Projects >> Field Exercises). These challenges ask children to explore the world around them more closely. It’s their time to be like Raisa and her friends! The fun starts with Projects around the home, in the yard, on school grounds, and at local parks (with parental or guardian guidance, of course). No contract. No obligation. Cancel at any time. Just 95 cents a month!
Our Explorer Kit (above left) provides a 14-piece collection of curated implements to assist children with field exercises. Progress their education from engaged observer to hands-on learner.

Pictured (top to bottom, left to right):
• Satchel
• USB Rechargeable Flashlight
• Aluminum Liquid Bottle
• Folding Binoculars
• Customizable Container
• Lanyard Compass
• Stainless Steel Multi-tool
• Retractable Magnifier
• Safety Whistle Bracelet

Not yet pictured: Z-Fold Notebook, Extractors, Liquid Dropper, Measuring Tape, Calculator.

Our “Tiny Tech” Upgrader (above right) adds seven tools that take the exploration to an even greater level.

Pictured (top to bottom, left to right):
• Microscope w/ Slide Rig
• Mini Camcorder
• Pocket MP3 Player
• Tripod
• Portable Solar Panel (to power USB Devices)
• USB Rechargeable Lantern w/ Hand-crank Charger
• Mini MP3 Ambient Recorder/Processor

PLEASE NOTE: Tools should not be considered professional grade. They are meant to equip children with value-priced versions of tools used in professional research, exploration, and creativity. They are scaled down in size for easy transport. Each kit is pieced together custom and requires 4-5 weeks for processing and delivery. These make excellent gifts!
We also carry a collection of handmade wooden toys, building blocks, and Learning Games that will challenge young and old minds alike. Most are crafted in the USA, many from beautiful exotics (e.g., rubber and rain tree wood). The designs are timeless, the craftsmanship is first rate, and the prices are affordable.

Play-based learning is great for problem solving, dexterity, critical thinking, creativity, and more. Under reasonable care, these items should last a lifetime and become heirlooms.

Pictured (top to bottom, left to right):
• “Tabby Cube” wooden building blocks
• “Bargain for the Genie” math game
• “Ogul’s Word Wand”
• “Hendrix Stix” (like pick-up sticks)
• “Heart of Tabby” tangram
• “Tabby Truther” toy
• “Destination Vortex” peg game
• “Ogul’s Shape Shifter” puzzle

Other items are not yet pictured.

PLEASE NOTE: These classic wooden toys are new and should be considered professional grade. They are durable, attractive versions of games that are often mass-produced in plastic. As such, the wood grain and paint will vary from item to item in our stock. No two will be exactly alike. They’re truly one of a kind and make excellent gifts!

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