Raisa (from Spain)

Raisa (from Spain)

Believe It (a Song for Raisa)

by Jefferson Jay | Gift To Be Alive

Back home in Spain, our lead explorer is known simply as Raisa (pronounced RAY-sah). To the rest of the world, she’s known by her nicknames: “Tabula Raisa” or just “Tabby.”

Tabula Raisa is inspired by the Latin term tabula rasa, which means a clean slate. While she doesn’t understand the fuss, her excursions have become legendary. She’s the first to fly by tablet!

At the start of each journey, Raisa is at home. She’s a girl who likes to ask questions. She wonders most about the keepsakes in her home. Who made them, how, and where? They certainly didn’t fall from the sky!

She travels to distant lands to find answers. She’s discovered a way to travel in style – thanks to a happy accident. Raisa chats with ambassador-artisans who make goods by hand to earn a living.

All she has to do is call on a friend with the simple phrase — “faraway see, faraway do!”

A destination cloud is presented in the sky, she chooses an excursion, and away they go! They arrive almost as soon as they leave — because, of course, waiting isn’t fun!

Raisa is a wonderful role model. She likes to travel, socialize, ask questions, listen carefully, learn, paint, and love genuinely. She’s open-minded and free-spirited. She’s grateful for her good fortune, and remembers to bring a gift to thank each artisan. It’s a painting of a ceramic tile pattern from her home, where she’s schooled by her parents.

Meet Her Friends!

Hendrix (her companion, the fox)
Ogul (the genie of the tablet)


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Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)Raisa (from Spain)