Ogul (from Turkey)

Ogul (from Turkey)
The chance meeting of Raisa and her mysterious friend highlights the second half of The Legend of Tabula Raisa™.

Ogul (pronounced OH-gooool) is known as “the genie of the tablet.” He claims to have been trapped between dimensions for over two thousand years. How he arrived there in the first place is unknown. Since being liberated, he’s been indebted to Raisa. He grants her a visit to any destination in the world whenever she’s inspired.

Raisa gets Ogul’s attention with a simple phrase:

“Faraway see, faraway do!

Ogul descends from a long line of Turkish healers. However, he’s the first genie in his family. While he was a handsome student-athlete in his earlier years, time has changed him. Today, he’s portly and purple. He sports a jagged mouth of teeth. His sweet disposition is endearing.

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Meet His Friends!

Raisa (the owner of the tablet)
Hendrix (Raisa’s companion, the red fox)


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Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)Ogul (from Turkey)