Hendrix (from Spain)

Hendrix (from Spain)

One day, Raisa was on a journey in the woods behind her home. She stumbled upon a red fox. While he didn’t say a word, he impressed with his playfulness. She named him Hendrix.

He didn’t mind the water or the mud. He liked the smell of flowerbeds. He was shy but fearless. Like Raisa, he’s always ready to try something new. Raisa likes having his company.

Her parents don’t like the idea of Hendrix living in their home. They feel it’s unsafe. “Foxes are wild animals and not to be kept as pets,” her mother has told her. Instead, Raisa has decided to go on excursions more regularly, in order to meet up with her new friend often.

Raisa has never been to Hendrix’ den, or met any of his family members or friends. She has read that foxes are hunted by humans for fur and sport. She worries that he might be in danger. He seems to be happy, and that will do for now.

Hendrix is very talented. His hearing is acute. He can sense the flight of birds from a quarter of a mile away. He can detect the squeak of a mouse from a distance of over 300 feet. His voice spans a five-octave range, which is greater than the most talented human singer. Raisa read online that there are fox spirits in Japan known as kitsune who have magical abilities that increase with age and wisdom. They can assume human form!

Raisa likes that Hendrix is highly expressive. She likes when his ears perk up and twitch, because she knows that he’s interested in what’s going on.

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Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)Hendrix (from Spain)