The Destinations

The Destinations

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• Get fact sheets for various destinations: Dhaka (Bangladesh, Asia), Kumasi (Ghana, Africa), Mawson (Antarctica), Paris (France, Europe), Perth (Australia, Oceania), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, S. America), Shanghai (China, Asia), Spearfish (USA, N. America).

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Our flagship folio includes the following ebook journeys: Kumasi (Ghana, Africa), Mawson (Antarctica), Paris (France, Europe), Perth (Australia, Oceania), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil, S. America), Shanghai (China, Asia), and Spearfish (USA, N. America). These stops couldn’t be more different from each other — from a settlement with less than 100 people (Mawson) to the largest city in the world (Shanghai)! Raisa, Hendrix, and Ogul learn secrets from a wide range of wise artisans on the following colorful craft traditions: akua’ba dolls, baguettes, boomerangs, dream catchers, ice sculpture, paper lanterns, and shakers. The printed version of the folio includes two bonuses — a free Map of the World (36 x 24 inches, standard poster frame size) and traveling music (Believe It – a Song for Raisa). You can even shop authentic crafts we’ve procured from the various destinations through the Shop.

How Were Destinations Chosen?

Careful consideration was taken in determining where Raisa and friends will visit and what they will learn.

Four criteria were used:
• Illustrate how a craft found in Raisa’s home was made
• Feature at least one destination per continent (most have five or more)
• Balance dateline cities with more remote excursions
• Survey crafts that are produced from a wide variety of materials

Please note: Our books are not intended to provide in-depth knowledge on Raisa, her friends, the destinations, the ambassador-artisans, and the crafts. They’re designed to pique curiosity and start the conversation. The website is where we dive deeper. We can organize photos, videos, audio, and exhibits online. Packing less into a book saves paper. It also provides flexibility in that website resources can be updated at any time without forcing a new printed edition!

The Destinations

Map of the World

To better visualize the journeys, we’ve prepped a poster (36 x 24 inches). You can order it here. Continents are color-coded. Capital cities are starred. Destinations are numbered and pinned (see below for a list of all 51). Click image to enlarge.

The Destinations


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The DestinationsThe DestinationsThe DestinationsThe DestinationsThe DestinationsThe DestinationsThe DestinationsThe Destinations

AM :: Amman (Jordan)
continent: Asia
craft: inlaid wood

AN :: Antananarivo (Madagascar)
continent: Africa
craft: recycled art

AC :: Antigua City (Guatemala)
continent: North America
craft: Alfombra stencils

AT :: Athens (Greece)
continent: Europe
craft: mosaics

CA :: Cairo (Egypt)
continent: Africa
craft: stone carvings

CO :: Constanta (Romania)
continent: Europe
craft: rosemaled chests

CP :: Copenhagen (Denmark)
continent: Europe
craft: soma cubes

DE :: Delft (The Netherlands)
continent: Europe
craft: tin-glazed tiles

DH :: Dhaka (Bangladesh)
continent: Asia
craft: woven carpets

DU :: Durban (South Africa)
continent: Africa
craft: beaded goods

EP :: El Porvenir (Panama)
continent: North America
craft: appliqué molas

FA :: Farah (Afghanistan)
continent: Asia
craft: embroidered camel bags

FH :: Fatu Hiva (Marquesas Is.)
continent: Europe (French Poly.)
craft: barkcloth

FR :: Frankfurt (Germany)
continent: Europe
craft: cuckoo clocks

HN :: Honolulu (USA)
continent: North America
craft: surfboards

HP :: Hopi (USA)
continent: North America
craft: Pueblo pottery

IZ :: Izmir (Turkey)
continent: Asia
craft: wrought ironwork

JA :: Jakarta (Indonesia)
continent: Asia
craft: batik

JJ :: Jipijapa (Ecuador)
continent: South America
craft: tagua nut jewelry

JU :: Juliaca (Peru)
continent: South America
craft: finger puppets

KA :: Karachi (Pakistan)
continent: Asia
craft: Khussa shoes

KI :: Kingston (Jamaica)
continent: North America
craft: straw baskets

KU :: Kumasi (Ghana)
continent: Africa
craft: akua’ba dolls

KY :: Kyoto (Japan)
continent: Asia
craft: ikebana in lacquerware

LA :: Laugarvatn (Iceland)
continent: Europe
craft: geothermal rye bread

LE :: Lethem (Guyana)
continent: South America
craft: latex harpy eagles

LH :: Lhasa (Tibet)
continent: Asia
craft: strung flags

LO :: London (England)
continent: Europe
craft: spectacles

LW :: Lowicz (Poland)
continent: Europe
craft: cut paper art

MN :: Manilla (The Phillipines)
continent: Asia
craft: tattoos

MW :: Mawson (Antarctica)
continent: Antarctica
craft: ice sculpture

MO :: Moscow (Russia)
continent: Asia
craft: matryoshka dolls

ND :: New Delhi (India)
continent: Asia
craft: paper maché boxes

NU :: Nuuk (Greenland)
continent: North America
craft: walrus tusk pots

OC :: Oaxaco City (Mexico)
continent: North America
craft: tin decoratives

OD :: Odivelas (Portugal)
continent: Europe
craft: slipware plates

OW :: Owando (Congo)
continent: Africa
craft: wooden masks

PA :: Paris (France)
continent: Europe
craft: baguettes

PE :: Perth (Australia)
continent: Oceania
craft: boomerangs

QU :: Québec (Canada)
continent: North America
craft: milled paper

RI :: Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)
continent: South America
craft: shakers

SH :: Shanghai (China)
continent: Asia
craft: paper lanterns

SF :: Spearfish (Lakota/USA)
continent: North America
craft: dream catchers

TG :: Tangier (Morocco)
continent: Africa
craft: tea sets

TR :: Tauranga (New Zealand)
continent: Oceania
craft: Maori pendants

UL :: Uliastai (Mongolia)
continent: Asia
craft: quilts

VL :: Valparaiso (Chile)
continent: South America
craft: siku panpipes

VN :: Vancouver (Canada)
continent: North America
craft: totem poles

VE :: Venice (Italy)
continent: Europe
craft: blown glass

WE :: Wewak (Papua New Guinea)
continent: Oceania
craft: dilly bags

YO :: Youghal (Ireland)
continent: Europe
craft: lace