The Crafts

The Crafts

Crafts are practiced and passed down by artisans over generations (usually hundreds and thousands of years). Some crafts are art and others are utilitarian goods. They can be keepsakes. They might carry memories of travels or remind us of the homeland. Craftsmanship is the commitment, skill, care, and resourcefulness that an artisan demonstrates in earning a living and extending tradition. Raisa and friends travel to distant lands to meet remarkable craftspeople and their work in person. Raisa is a blossoming artisan herself (she paints, see the green pattern above).

The Crafts

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Akua’ba Dolls (Kumasi)
Baguettes (Paris)
Boomerangs (Perth)
Dream Catchers (Spearfish)
Ice Sculpture (Mawson)
Paper Lanterns (Shanghai)
Shakers (Rio de Janeiro)
Woven Carpets (Dhaka)

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Please note: Our books are not intended to provide in-depth knowledge on Raisa, her friends, the destinations, the ambassador-artisans, and the crafts. They’re designed to pique curiosity and start the conversation. The website is where we dive deeper. We can organize photos, videos, audio, and exhibits online. Packing less into a book saves paper. It also provides flexibility in that website resources can be updated at any time without forcing a new printed edition to be produced!

The Crafts


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