Uwan (from Perth)

Uwan (from Perth)
Uwan (pronounced YOU-win) is a craftsman in the boomerang trade. He lives and works in Perth (pronounced PURTH), a southwestern city of Australia in southwestern Oceania.

He is an only child. His father Dural is an elder in his tribe who’s known for being a vivid storyteller. He still hunts for the family’s meals. His mother Inala is originally from Brisbane on the east coast of the country. Remarkably, she made the relocation on foot — a journey of 2,680 miles.

Uwan was drawn to boomerangs as a way to connect with Aboriginal roots. The Aborigines have lived in Australia for an astounding 30,000 to 45,000 years. The boomerang is thought to be one of their inventions.

When he isn’t working, Uwan likes to train a dingo (a free-ranging dog) that followed his father home from a hunt. The dog remains independent-spirited but responds well to Uwan’s commands.

He is dating Jannali, a young woman in his tribe. His parents would like grandchildren.

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Raisa (the owner of the tablet)
Hendrix (her companion, the fox)
Ogul (the genie of the tablet)

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Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)Uwan (from Perth)