Eyota (from Spearfish)

Eyota (from Spearfish)
Eyota (pronounced Eye-OH-tuh) is a craftswoman in the dream catcher trade. She lives and works in Spearfish, a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota in north central United States.

She is the youngest of three children. Her father Chaska is a carpenter who descends from the great Sioux warrior Crazy Horse. Her mother Delores is a secretary. They met when he built a temporary office for Delores’ employer at a job site. Her older sisters Chumani and Cynthia attend college at the University of South Dakota. Her older brother Mato is a linebacker on USD’s football team, the fighting Coyotes.

Eyota learned how to make dream catchers from a local woman named Mapiya, who learned from a long line of ancestors in the Sioux arts. It’s mostly a hobby for her, though her mentor sells some of her designs in her Etsy store.

She is a bit of a loner and less socially-oriented than her Americanized siblings (who are more like her mother). Eyota is her father’s special girl. She feels a deep spiritual connection to her Siuox Indian ancestors who once controlled the land in her town. Eyota insists on sleeping in a traditional tipi in her family’s yard. Her classmates make jokes about it.

In addition to weaving dream catchers, she is an avid astronomer. The South Dakotan skies around the Black Hills get very dark at night. If she decides to attend college, she may very well study it. For now, it’s her second hobby.

When she isn’t crafting, she likes to help with chores around the house. At night, her father and she ride their bikes to the creek, sit on the largest rock that they can find, and stare into the sky for hours.

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Raisa (the owner of the tablet)
Hendrix (her companion, the fox)
Ogul (the genie of the tablet)

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Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)Eyota (from Spearfish)