Hours of fun with these field projects! Membership in Friends of Tabula Raisa is worth every penny.
— Cynthia W, an elementary school teacher and mom (Portland, OR, USA)

What an adorable storyline and cast of characters! This product will enhance your appreciation of the world around you.
— Monique S, executive assistant and mom (New York, NY, USA)

I have to admit that I’m not all that creative. I want to do fun things with my son as often as I can. Thanks to Tabula Raisa, “Daddy Days” just got a lot more enjoyable for both of us. We’re especially excited to try the field projects at the website.
— Jose N, a home remodeler and dad (London, England)

I can relate to what Tabula Raisa is doing. While living in Damascus (Syria), I was introduced to the rich history of crafts. Walking the streets of the old city was like stepping back in time. There were blacksmiths, furniture makers, weavers, and glass blowers. I especially enjoyed the metalworkers, who noisily hammered and chiseled copper and brass into beautiful objects. I’ve decorated my house with crafts from the Middle East and elsewhere. Whenever I look at an object that was made by hand, I wonder whose hands made it and what his or her story is.
— Tony T, an author (Washington DC, USA)

Tabula Raisa introduced a whole new world to us! I’ve always preferred handmade goods, I just never stopped to think about how they are made or that learning about them could become such a powerful tool. I thought I was getting this for my daughter, but it turns out that I love it too!
— Jennifer S, a mother of two (Chicago, IL, USA)

I’m looking forward to using Tabula Raisa in my classroom. I’m not sure yet how to do that, but they seem eager to help me understand the resources. I like the focus on people working with their hands. The socializing aspect is also interesting.
— Marjorie L, a schoolteacher and mom (Sydney, Australia)

My great thanks for communicating to the world that we are more than factory workers. We are artisans and the work we do is special. My family has taken pride in craftmaking for over 300 years. I was taught early in life that the story of India is told through our hands.
— Dinesh P, an artisan (New Delhi, India)