Product Overview

Tabula Raisa (pronounced TAB-you-lah RAY-sah) challenges children as young as 3 years old* to go further, faster, and sooner with their learning. We’re inspired by the Latin term tabula rasa — which means “a clean slate.” The human brain is like a sponge at this stage in a child’s development. It can absorb far more than A, B, C and 1, 2, 3. We take a more exciting approach — the world is your playground!

* Adult read-along is encouraged for children 3-5 years old.

It’s easy to dive in. There are 10 types of early learning products.

Product Overview


Raisa is an inquisitive teen — the cool older sister. She wonders how, why, and where the keepsakes in her home are made. Some are utilitarian objects and others are art. In The Legend of Tabula Raisa, our lovable Spanish wondergirl and her red fox companion Hendrix are offered a unique opportunity — to visit one of 51 global destinations to find answers. They fly atop Raisa’s tablet, thanks to the magic of a Turkish genie named Ogul (pronounced oh-GOOOOL). They meet ambassadors who work as artisans in their native countries. They are introduced to their colorful craft traditions.

Recommended Audience

Each excursion is brief. Children aged 6 years and older are encouraged to read our books, explore our free web resources, play with our dolls, and enjoy our global crafts on their own. For 3-5 year olds, we encourage a parent, guardian, or educator to read along and otherwise assist with understanding. Children as young as 3 years old have reacted to the vibrant colors, textures, dynamic action, and rhyming sounds in product testing. 8-10 year olds will love the field exercises and explorer kit.

Typical Progression

While immersion can happen immediately, the Tabula Raisa™ learning pattern might follow:
• LEVEL I: ReadingThe Legend of Tabula Raisa, Excursions
• LEVEL II: Exploring — Map of the World, global crafts, learning games, free website resources, membership in Cool with Ogul™ (inc. field exercises) explorer kit w/ “tiny tech” upgrader
• LEVEL III: Storytelling — “Tabby” rag doll (18-inch), finger puppets (4-inch), paper dolls, coloring pages, contests

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