Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder
PHOTO CAPTION: It was a mystical scene in Iceland when my wife Gwen snapped the above portrait. Yes, that’s tiny me at the lower right! I was keeping up with an arctic fox who was leading us along a quarter-mile bed of polished black stones. We were left facing the magnificent Londrager Basalt Cliffs bathed in the golden light of sunset, with a stiff Atlantic Ocean wind at our side and a violent surf at our feet. I found more than just a new furry friend and some interesting rocks that day. I discovered just how deep my wanderlust is rooted. I remember the overwhelming feeling of just how special this particular moment was. Nature has a way of humbling us all.


Channeling my imagination into a series of educational children’s books was the best decision of my career. Young ones appreciate creativity in a unique and direct manner. It excites them and often leads to learning at an accelerated pace. That’s very rewarding.

Over the last year, I’ve combed the news, asked “why now?” and tried to make sense of conflicting studies and opinions in early childhood education. It’s been an eye-opening process for a son of two teachers.

>> Tablets are the best tool now and for the future of early learning.
<< Too much tablet use leaves a child’s strength in atrophy.

>> We need to modernize the classroom, and start educating sooner.
<< We’re forgetting the core developmental need for physical play.

>> A head start is about seeing how far a young mind can go.
<< A head start is about building a solid foundation earlier.

The back-and-forth volley is a lot for parents, guardians, teachers, and school administrators to digest — let alone use to guide the children under their care.

At Tabula Raisa, we offer a balanced approach. Your choices shouldn’t be polarized. We produce digital and paperback books. We encourage play-based learning through handcrafted games and global crafts. We provide free resources at our website for parents and equip children with tools to head outside and discover the world around them. We encourage simple pleasures, like paper-based dolls and coloring books — but we also cultivate serious talents for research, creativity, critical thinking, storytelling, and more.

At the core of what Tabula Raisa achieves is a little bit of magic.
The spirit of adventure is the transformative property that uplifts.
Children use their imaginations to safely explore the world around them.

During product testing, the first feedback we hear is that Tabula Raisa opens the door wide to culture, geography, and the arts. As they take additional steps forward, something far more meaningful happens. They relate more with their peers. They express themselves better.. It’s the socialization aspects that might surprise you and lay the groundwork for a brighter future in friendships, schooling, and career pursuits.

Tabula Raisa delivers tenfold:
• Expands Horizons
• Piques Curiosity
• Demystifies Cultures
• Sparks Creativity
• Increases Sensitivity
• Builds Consideration
• Improves Understanding
• Develops Awareness
• Invites Collaboration
• Boosts Confidence

We make a conscious decision (whenever we can) to do more than just distract children with trinkets and gadgets. The games that we offer in our shop are fun but also challenge, develop concrete skills, and educate.

I hope that you enjoy our corner of the universe. Tabula Raisa is a young company, but we’re in a constant cycle of creation, testing, release, and repeat. Check back often for our very latest. Please consider a membership in our inner circle, Cool with Ogul™ (just 95 cents per month). You’ll never miss a beat!


Meet the Founder
Eric S. Townsend
Creator & Founder
Tabula Raisa LLC


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