Educational Activities for Kids

Looking to augment a program in early childhood learning? Not sure whom to trust when it comes to educational activities for kids? Tabula Raisa offers time-tested outlets that are not only fun but can also accelerate early learning in a safe, green, and conscientious manner.

There Are Safety Concerns?

As educational apps have grown in popularity, so too has awareness of their potential detrimental effects on young children. Some of these may be deemed as minor. Stunted dexterity often occurs. The range of motion needed to play an app is often more limited than other educational activities for kids. Eyes become easily strained with tech screens. Posture becomes too relaxed. Children who remain in the same position for too long become sedentary. Other concerns are more serious. Perhaps the greatest safety concern with tech devices is that they produce levels of radiation which are still not fully understood and may be cancer-promoting.

Wait — Did You Also Say Green?

Yes, we certainly did. Tabula Raisa offers a line of educational activities for kids that are handmade, 100% natural, and often organic. Most do not require power or concentrated levels of visual or auditory stimulation. Our educational activities for kids work quickly and quietly to advance attention, focus, and skill development. Our green tools include responsibly-pressed books, handmade dolls, wooden puzzles and games, and artisanal crafts made around the globe.

What is Meant by Conscientious Learning?

“Gaming the system” trains children to look for shortcuts rather than enjoy pursuits. They become too focused on the destination and not as appreciative of the journey. Educational activities for kids that marginalize obstacles or lead children down a singular path to victory desensitize the learning process. Down the road, when the going gets tougher, will children stand tall to increased challenges? Will they instead look for an easy way out — one that may not exist in the real world?

Educational Activities for Kids Should Show Balance

Whatever you choose to keep your child(ren) engaged and learning should change regularly. Rotate exercises to not only keep things interesting but also to exercise different areas of development. Think in terms of both right and left brain functioning. A great example of this would be a tangram puzzle which exercises mechanical and math skills as well as encourages creativity. Don’t fall into a groove where you find yourself relying on one or two favorite activities too heavily. A balanced education should always be a goal.

Educational Activities for Kids Should “Translate”

It’s one thing for education to exist in a bubble, and another for it to be understood as beneficial to daily life. Parents, teachers, and guardians are critical to building this bridge for children. Be sure to take the a-ha moments and lessons in any learning activity and demonstrate clearly how each applies to an every day, weekly, or monthly task. Use personal examples. Don’t allow educational activities for kids to feel abstract or unnecessary. Children lack the maturity to fit the little items they learn each day into a bigger picture. Take the extra time needed to provide concrete examples of how educational activities for kids translate to greater ease, higher performance, greater intuition, time savings, and more.

Recommended Activity #1: Reading

One of the very best educational activities for kids is parent-assisted read-along. This is by no means a recommendation for children to avoid reading alone. This is encouragement to start reading earlier and more often with your child(ren). Take the lead to help navigate new words and concepts. Pause to ask questions, share an aside, or laugh together. If the book rhymes or is a pop-up, then be sure to perform as you read it with them. Make it as fun and exciting as possible. Choose books with a high educational intent. For example, perhaps they introduce new concepts, or take an interesting angle. Maybe they feature likable role models, guides, and hero(ine)s who will help them to sustain attention and retain the material.

Educational Activities for Kids

The Legend of Tabula Raisa rhyming book
Our Products:

The Legend of Tabula Raisa — our rhyming legend (pictured above) with colorful illustrations and a fun cadence!
Excursion Books — our travel-based series that introduces children to new people, places, and cultures.

Recommended Activity #2: Exploring

Unlike any time in the past, children are gaming at younger and younger ages. While games like Minecraft have been studied for effectiveness, most technologies are just engaging children. Just as it is with passive versus active listening, attention and what comes of it also have different degrees. Some educational activities for kids are vibrant and others are dulling. Traditional games created hundreds and thousands of years ago offer a far longer, surer lineage of success. This realization comes at a time when companies constantly pitch the educational merit of their technology whether they can pinpoint the skill development in play or measure results.

Educational Activities for Kids

Tabula Raisa’s “Heart of Tabby” tangram puzzle
Our Products:

• “Tabby Cube” — wooden building blocks in slightly more advanced shapes; many more solutions are possible!
• “Heart of Tabby” — a tangram (pictured above) that accelerates left and right brain development (math + creativity)
• “Ogul’s Shape Shifter” — a flexible puzzle that twirls, flattens, and bloats just like the genie of the tablet!
• “Hendrix Stix” — an old Native American game refreshed; great for increasing focus and dexterity

Recommended Activity #3: Storytelling

Often overlooked among educational activities for kids, role playing offers a number of benefits. Children are naturals when it comes to imagination. They vocalize even the most basic of thoughts. Pay attention to what they choose to say. Help them to hone voice. Look for common interests and approaches. Has s/he fallen in love with a cartoon character or movie hero(ine)? How can you enhance that relationship and make it part of the greater learning experience? Many times there are educational activities for kids that are branded with or promoted by an adored lead. Considering adoption of tools that channel imagination into storytelling and more formalized levels of expression.

Educational Activities for Kids

Tabula Raisa’s Finger Puppets”, handmade in Peru
Our Products:

Tabby Richmond — 18 inches, rag doll that’s soft, colorful, and made of 100% natural materials.
Tabby Pretoria — 2-8 inches, adorable, handmade by a single tribe in a remote village in South Africa, multicultural
Finger Puppets — 4 inches, wearable, easy to stage scenes and conversations, handmade in Peru, multicultural
Cool with Ogul™ — a membership that unlocks paper dolls that you can download, color, cut, and paste to a stick

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