Cool with Ogul™

Cool with Ogul™

Traveling with Raisa on an excursion to learn from a skilled artisan is a wonderful, eye-opening experience. When you register for a membership in Cool with Ogul™, the journey of learning is enhanced still further.

Cool with Ogul™


It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get hands-on. After all, Raisa doesn’t sit around and wonder — she calls on her magical genie Ogul and away she flies on her tablet! At the three website tabs hidden under the Projects tab along the website menu above, children can engage in a range of fun activities.

• Field Exercises
• Paper Dolls
• Coloring Pages

Cool with Ogul™

Coloring Pages are black line drawings that have been selected from each of the Tabula Raisa publications. It’s a great way for parent and child to do something quick and fun without much fuss. Grab your crayons, colored pencils, or markers and add your own flair to our artwork!

Field Exercises issue challenges to explore your home, yard, local park, and school grounds (adult permission required, of course). It’s amazing the detail that exists right under our noses — if only we stop to examine it more closely. We even provide an Explorer Kit with several “tiny tech” implements to assist with the journey. This includes a compass, magnifier, multi-tool, rechargeable flashlight, notebook, and more. There’s a technology upgrade that add in a microscope, mp3 voice recorder, camcorder, and rechargeable lantern.

Paper Dolls are a series of color and cut playmates in the shape of Raisa, Hendrix, Ogul, and each of the 51 artisans from the global destinations. Act out scenes from the excursions or create your own adventures!

Our four learning objectives are reinforced with the above project types: pique curiosity, spark creativity, build consideration, boost confidence. While the magic may not happen on day 1, skills like problem-solving, storytelling, critical thinking, research, consideration, socialization, and more will gain momentum when put through paces. The three activity areas nested under the Projects tab are protected content (which means that the pages are hidden along the main navigation menu, invisible to non-members). The content is unlocked when you choose to register for a membership in Cool with Ogul™ then login at the far right of the main navigation menu.


You’ll also be added to our members-only newsletter. When the genie of the tablet Ogul isn’t helping Raisa to travel the globe, he’s getting to know her newest and most loyal friends. When the spirit moves him, he reveals the early-bird word on Tabula Raisa™ contests, new products, special discounts, regional events, other stories in the news, new factoids that he’s learned from the 51 destinations, and more.

Additional Educational Resources

Under the How it Works tab of this website, you can also learn through instructional videos on crafts like carpet weaving. Over time, there will be 51 craft traditions to explore further through the website (location: How it Works >> The Crafts). Also under the How it Works tab, you can enjoy a detailed fact sheet, articles, photo galleries, and videos on each destination (location: How it Works >> The Destinations).

This information is available for free without a Cool with Ogul™ membership.

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Cool with Ogul™

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