Why Craftsmanship Matters

Why Craftsmanship Matters
Raisa wonders about the keepsakes around her home. Who made them – where, how, and why? They certainly don’t fall from the sky! Over the course of 51 adventures, Raisa travels the globe to get answers. She meets artisans who make magnificent things through their passion and mastery for craftsmanship. At the end of each visit, she gifts her own painting to to show her thanks.

Craftsmanship is purpose.

It’s about the pursuit the perfection and celebration of one’s best efforts. Artisans — the purveyors of craftsmanship — value fine details, control, and uncommon results. It takes time and attention to master a craft. You do so because you appreciate the highest of standards. Durability. Symbolism. Utility. Simplicity. Elegance. Timelessness.

Craftsmanship is efficiency.

Well-crafted items are generally easier to use. You’ll be more productive doing what you want to do. The fruitfulness won’t just last for the task at hand. You’ll be able to enjoy the same reliable performance over a long period of time. Even if you can’t afford to invest in high craftsmanship at each turn, perhaps you can begin to leverage it once or twice each day. Maybe it’s when you cook or clean. See what difference can be made.

Craftsmanship is magic.

When a master craftsperson is at work, it’s a sight to see. Each movement is meaningful yet effortless. Working hands run through their paces countless times. The muscle memory is so ingrained that you’d move just as nimbly if you were blind. The magic culminates when basic materials like dirt, wood, and water are converted into exquisite objects.

In their humorous commercials (above), Verizon and Das Handwerk depict the world without craftsmanship.
In the latter clip, you won’t need to translate German in order to understand the sentiments.

Craftsmanship is patience.

Being an artisan (or appreciating artisanship) is to honor the history of those who came before you. You value consistency. What you produce is but a minuscule tick along a timeline spanning hundreds and thousands of years. Craftspeople often participate in activities with roots dating back to the origin of humans. Whether you work with your hands or consume handmade goods, you’re preserving and persevering.

Craftsmanship is vulnerability.

Artisans often spend their entire lives with their crafts. That comes with its trials. It’s a tradition that exposes the craftsperson to judgment time and time again. A wise man once said: “Pouring your soul into your craft is like opening your heart to be broken multiple times over — a necessary experience in finding true love.”

Video Gallery

In recent years, craftsmanship has entered the mainstream consciousness through the spirit of leading consumer products and services. More than two dozen of these commercials below illustrate the vitality of this pursuit. Please allow for the clips to load. You’ll see a feature video with a thumbnail slider below it when it’s ready.


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Why Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship MattersWhy Craftsmanship Matters