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Tabula Raisa (TAB-you-lah RAY-sah) empowers children ages 3 and up to be more curious, creative, considerate, and confident. Our name is a play on tabula rasa, the Latin term for “a clean slate.” At the heart of everything we do is the curiosity of our lovable Spanish wondergirl, Raisa. She guides children on a tour of the globe thanks to the magic of her two friends, Hendrix the red fox and Ogul the Turkish genie.

Tabula Raisa provides multicultural books, dolls, games, and crafts. Most are interlocking, but some are standalone offerings. They begin by bolstering the core skills necessary to successful early childhood education (ECE): play, sharing, expression, creativity, problem solving, spatial relations, dexterity, and more. They also go beyond this. Our product line expands horizons and seeks to better socialize our youngest generation for the fast-shrinking world ahead of them.

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