Spark Creativity

Spark Creativity

With each new Tabula Raisa™ tool, a child can learn to:

• learn through play (e.g., with our handcrafted, wooden learning games)
• watch an artisan overcome challenges (through our adventure book series)
• explore the history of art vs. craft
• touch and experiment with materials
• express new ideas
• have fun for hours with our array of online projects
• become more resourceful
• make something that someone else desires

Tabula Raisa™ is supplemental education, delivered through a global adventure book series and other tools.

Across excursion books to 51 destinations (digital and paperback), Raisa meets ambassadors who are also masterful artisans. Their colorful craft traditions have survived hundreds to thousands of years. As she interacts thoughtfully on her travels, the children who read along learn by her example.

Field exercises at this website challenge children to be just like Raisa. There’s so much to explore and create around the home, yard, neighborhood, and school grounds — with adult guidance and permission, of course. We provide a simple framework and the type of exercises that any child can embrace and enjoy.

Dolls (like our 18″ handmade Tabby Richmond rag doll, beaded Tabby Pretoria line, and handmade finger puppets like Tabby Juliaca) encourage role playing and storytelling. Children can create their own adventures — which we will initiate and reward through contests.

It’s important to ignite and channel each child’s imaginations. Each has the ability to do wonderful things. Communication skills improve dramatically by using hands to assist words. Like the sayings go — “seeing is believing,” and “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Our Four Core Values

Pique Curiosity
• Spark Creativity
Build Consideration
Boost Confidence