Pique Curiosity

Pique Curiosity

With each new Tabula Raisa™ tool, a child can learn to:

• listen carefully
• ask questions
• dissect how things are made
• confront challenges
• think critically
• troubleshoot
• learn the magic in give and take
• thirst for meeting new people and learning new things

Tabula Raisa™ is supplemental education, delivered through an adventure book series and other tools.

We show young children just how vast the world is. We emphasize that there’s more to learning than facts and recall. We encourage children to ask how, experiment, and figure out why. We provide the means to investigate more closely, as Raisa does in her adventures. We achieve that through learning games, field exercises, contests, and other educational resources at this website. Most are unlocked through membership in Cool with Ogul™.

For children whose curiosity is piqued, membership reveals three activity areas that are currently hidden under the Projects tab at this website. Children are asked to explore the home, yard, neighborhood, and school grounds — with guidance and permission, of course. There’s so much around us that is amazing. We encourage children and their parents to be adventuresome! We also provide coloring pages from our books and paper dolls of our characters.

Our Four Core Values

• Pique Curiosity
Spark Creativity
Build Consideration
Boost Confidence