Build Consideration

Build Consideration

With each new Tabula Raisa™ tool, children will learn to:

• follow Raisa as she embarks on a “learning journey”
• arrive at a new destination quickly (no “are we there yet?” moments here!)
• learn the name of an international town or city and its country
• meet an ambassador-artisan who works with his/her hands
• see eye-to-eye with someone from another culture
• understand how things around the home are made
• appreciate craftsmanship and quality

Tabula Raisa™ is supplemental education, delivered through an adventure book series and other tools.

We show children that the world is both large and small — because we’re all increasingly connected. We use magic and the power of imagination to visit faraway places in an instant. Once there, we introduce children to craft traditions. They learn how keepsakes as well as utilitarian and recreational goods are made. They do this through conversations with artisans who’ve dedicated their lives to preserving heritages that extend back hundreds to thousands of years.

As Children grow and mature, they’ll continue to gain an appreciation for craftsmanship. A substantial value will be placed on quality. They’ll respect those who work with their hands as well as their minds. Through learning from people of different races, values and creeds, they’ll become culturally sensitive and worldly.

Our Four Core Values

Pique Curiosity
Spark Creativity
• Build Consideration
Boost Confidence