Boost Confidence

Boost Confidence

With each new Tabula Raisa™ tool, a child can learn to:

• shed inhibitions
• thirst for knowledge and know-how
• spend hours in reading, research, experiments, and exploration
• develop his/her abilities in a number of new areas
• move ahead of other children in key competencies
• feel accomplished
• communicate with sensitivity
• make friendships with a wider range of peers
• advance his/her level of maturity

Tabula Raisa™ is supplemental education, delivered through an adventure book series and other tools.

Education isn’t just information memorized or new skills acquired. It’s also an ease in interaction with others. It’s being well-adjusted and comfortable with the person you are. Socialization is critical for growing children and adults, especially in “melting pot” cultures. Getting along with a wide variety of people will open many doors in life. That’s what being culturally-sensitive and worldly means!

There is an element of ambassadorship in this. Those who come to this country are pleasantly surprised to meet people who are enthusiastic and “in the know” about their culture. At a young age, children can be equipped with the curiosity and social skills to make the most of these opportunities. It’s an impressive trait that’s often overlooked.

Our Four Core Values

Pique Curiosity
Spark Creativity
Build Consideration
• Boost Confidence