Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, then please email us at tabularaisallc@gmail.com.

Is this a subscription service?
No, products are available a la carte. We offer a membership (Cool with Ogul™, 95 cents per month) that works as a subscription, but it is not a requirement in order to make purchases.
What is the ideal reading age for these books?
Children 6 years and older can read alone. 3-5 year olds will benefit from a read along with a parent, guardian, or educator. The books are a series of drawings and light reading. If your child can read, then most of the material will be accessible on a basic level. The Automated Reading Index rates the book as suitable for a first grader. Flesch-Kincaid, SMOG Index, and Gunning-Fog score it more suitable for third through fifth graders. The concepts are what make the readability less predictable. Raisa is an inquisitive teen who’s developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our hope is that your child(ren) will model her behavior as the books progress. Reading along can assist with any misunderstandings. Add your experiences from any of the destinations. Learning how things are made and why they are valuable may not come easily for some children. It’s an opportunity for parent and child to pause from the book to explore the subject matter together.
Will the books be a good read for siblings?
Yes — especially if one child is at a higher reading level than the other. Individually, the younger child would digest it in at his/her level, while the older child might dig a bit deeper. Together, the older child can help the younger child to comprehend the conversations between Tabula Raisa and the artisan. Those are the tricky parts of the book. In this way, it’s not just interactive between parent and child but also older child and younger child.
Who is responsible for developing the educational content?

The founder and creative director is Eric S. Townsend, a Fine Art graduate of the University of Richmond (VA), a published author of 12 books, and a 23-year veteran of graphic design, website development, copywriting, and brand management. Both of his parents were career educators (mother taught Math, father taught Spanish). The editorial team consists of contributing editor Morgan C. Benton (professor, James Madison University), editor Sue Lalumia (30-year veteran at the Chronicle for Philanthropy), and project manager Laura Carroll (Mascot Books, a children’s book publisher). The management team is led by Townsend, public relations professional Elly Shariat, and Mascot Books CEO Naren Aryal. The advisory board for Tabula Raisa LLC is comprised of 30 members who are parents, early educators, and additional marketing creatives.

Why survey arts and crafts?
Children enjoy playing with their hands and making things. Inhibitions are low. Expression can come very easily. Arts and crafts are a colorful way to open up the mind, think critically, problem-solve, respect craftsmanship, and communicate more vividly. It’s also a great socializing tool. When we examine different cultures’ arts and crafts, we are learning where people come from and what they value. That builds our sensitivity toward people of different races, creeds, and origins. In a country that’s been called a melting pot, these are important skills for American children to have and develop. Craft traditions have survived centuries, even millennia. They have stories to tell.
Why is worldliness important?

Worldliness unlocks powerful, well-documented short- and long-term benefits, which include better socialization now and a smoother transition into higher education and career pursuits later. We seek to produce more balanced, nimble, and mature learners. Social investments include expanding horizons, demystifying cultures, increasing sensitivity, building consideration, improving understanding, developing awareness, inviting collaboration, and establishing new friendships.

Why are adventure and exploration important?

Learning is amplified by the spirit of adventure and exploration. Seven benefits to you and your child’s education include learning to face and overcome fears, experiencing greater rewards (which are often associated with greater risks), feeling alive as you encounter and consider things that are otherworldly, enjoying camaraderie and shared experiences when you venture with others, expanding your repertoire by learning and practicing new skills, growing emotionally stronger when you struggle beyond your limits, and experienceing a sense of freedom and wonder as you become a closer part of nature.

Why are there so many more European excursions?
Our wonder girl Raisa lives in Seville, Spain. Europe is a hotbed of culture packed into a small region. She begins her learning journeys as most of us would — knowing only what she knows. She names those places which are closest to her. Over time, she comes to value a mix of destinations from all over the world.
Why did you pick Dhaka as the first destination?
The Tabula Raisa™ early leaning suite is about exploration, leaving one’s comfort zone, and learning new things. Many Americans will be surprised to learn that Dhaka is the 10th largest city in the world — with a population of more than 14 million. Like the United States, Bangladesh has also been through a struggle for independence. With Dhaka endangered by rising sea level due to climate change, Bangladesh has become a leader in reducing its carbon footprint. There are many more interesting aspects to this South Asian nation. We live in highly-connected world. One of our goals at Tabula Raisa™ is to remind all of us of our similarities, rather than focus on our differences or how far apart we are geographically.
Can I gift my purchase to another?
Yes. During each checkout process, there is a “Special Instructions” field. Please populate this area with a note that includes the alternate recipient and where we should ship the order. You can also email your special request to tabularaisallc@gmail.com in the moments behind your purchase. The safer of the two routes is the former.
How do I access Protected Content?
When you register for a membership in Cool with Ogul Raisa™, you create login credentials for this website. When you login for the first time (and each time that you visit the website thereafter), you’ll see pages of content that were previously hidden to you as a non-member. The hidden pages reside here: Projects >> Field Exercises, Projects >> Paper Dolls, Projects >> Coloring Pages. Login from the far right of the main navigational menu.
What are your shipping options?
We’re starting with two service levels for shipping products: USPS Priority Flat Rate to all 48 U.S. States ($6.80 and up, based on weight) plus Alaska/Hawaii ($9.60 and up, based on weight); USPS First Class Package International Service to all countries outside the U.S. ($12.40 and up, based on weight).
What can I check on my order?
You can start by clicking the “Check Status on Order(s)” link from the sidebar, or by visiting www.tabularaisa.com/shop/order-status directly. Order Search allows you to locate an archived order by submitting the ID # issued with your purchase (from your email receipt). Order History displays your most recent orders. You can also email us at tabularaisallc@gmail.com.
Why haven't I received my full order?
Was there a pre-order item among your purchases? Some items are available for sale before the production process has been initiated or completed. These items are not yet available to be shipped. Did you purchase a subscription? Some components of these orders are shipped on a monthly basis, based on the terms listed when you completed your purchase. Did you click the download link on your digital order? This was provided on the last page pf checkout at the time of your purchase. You receive one download per Order ID #. To recapture this, click the “Check Status on Order(s)” link from the sidebar or visit www.tabularaisa.com/shop/order-status directly. For any downloads, click the affiliated Order ID # to reveal the link. For any unresolved issues, please email tabularaisallc@gmail.com.
What are your cancellation and refund policies?
You can cancel your subscription to Friends of Tabula Raisa™ at any time. Prepaid book-of-the-month club orders will not be refundable. The remainder of these purchases can be transferred to another person. We do not accept returns on digital downloads (ebooks, music, and more) or most printed books where the shrinkwrapping has been sliced or removed. Nearly all of our books are produced “on demand” upon order. For green purposes and to keep prices lower, inventory is kept to a minimum. Requests for refunds and returns on physical products are reviewed on an order-by-order basis. Email tabularaisallc@gmail.com with your concerns. If a product is damaged upon arrival, then of course we make every effort to replace or discount for the inconvenience. There may be additional shipping or restocking fees, depending upon the circumstances.
Do you ship to P.O. Boxes, APO addresses and US Territories?
Yes, usually without signature. The risk involved in any unclaimed or unattended packages is assumed to be with the customer in these instances.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept PayPal and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
Do you charge sales tax?
Yes. We are responsible for both local city and state taxes on all retail sales.
What is your privacy policy?
You can read this by clicking the “Privacy & COPPA Compliance” link in the footer, or by visiting www.tabularaisa.com/privacy-coppa-compliance directly.
How will the book-of-the-month club work?
Our plan is to launch our book-of-the-month club when we have the first 12 titles available — which will include at least one excursion to each of the seven continents. The ebook club will run $60 annually ($5 per title, paid in advance, one title emailed per month, at a discount of 15% off the retail price of $5.95). The paperback club will be $228 annually ($14.95 plus $4 shipping per title, paid in advance, one delivered per month). 8 excursions are available as of March 2016, to include: Dhaka (Asia), Kumasi (Africa), Mawson (Antarctica), Paris (Europe), Perth (Oceania), Rio de Janeiro (South America), Shanghai (Asia), Sioux Falls (North America). You can proudly display all 51 destinations and craft traditions when you purchase our Map of the World ($19.95) from the shop.
How do I load ebooks onto my tablet or smartphone?
The easiest way is to email yourself with the content attached. Check your email on the device of your choosing. Click into the attachments from your email until they open. You can also sync a device on computer via USB cable until it is recognized. Drag and drop the content from your computer to the folder of your choosing on the synced tablet or smartphone. We’re producing a detailed page at this website for technical assistance (coming soon!)


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