Art vs. Craft

It’s an interesting comparison to explore, and the basis for the Tabula Raisa™ children’s early learning suite. It turns out that the campaign to convey that artists are more important and distinguished than artisans is a movement with roots in the Italian Renaissance. It’s become a hot debate whether categorizations should continue, given the fall from prominence of the modern artist. Enjoy the below video from TED-Ed presenter Laura Morelli.

Tabula Raisa™ is set to survey 51 of the world’s most prominent craft traditions, some of which are cherished art forms within their cultures and have survived centuries, even millennia. Through Raisa’s conversations with artisans, you’ll meet interesting people who take raw materials, make magnificent things, and earn a living with their hands. There is no genius or innovation requirement with crafts (as there is with being an artist). Crafts are inherently more inclusive. They have the ability to engage more people and connect them more closely to their heritages. They’re a great means to interact with and be shaped by people from all over the globe.


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Art vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. CraftArt vs. Craft