It's Never Too Early to Inspire.

Tabula Raisa (TAB-you-lah RAY-sah) empowers kids ages 3 and up to be: curious, creative, considerate, confident.

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Developmental Objectives

Pique Curiosity

Encourage children to follow Raisa’s lead. Listen carefully, ask questions, explore! Expand knowledge base through excursion book read-alongs.

Spark Creativity

Introduce children to international artisans who educate through cultural traditions. Kickstart imagination with our project series.

Build Consideration

Expand horizons. Demystify cultures. Heighten sensitivity. Improve understanding. Develop awareness. Invite collaboration. Become worldly.

Boost Confidence

Close gaps in early childhood education. Level the playing field. Develop an edge. Model Raisa’s respect, humility, and social graces.

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Believe It (a Song for Raisa)

by Jefferson Jay | Gift To Be Alive